9 Aug


I don’t have time to write right now
This poem has to wait
I’m busy at the moment with
So darn much on my plate

I’ll reply to that e-mail that
You sent to me last week
When my workload isn’t at
Its utmost busy peak

I got your message and I meant
To call you back about
That thing you said but things came up
That I could not bail out

Got your text, whenever I
Do get the time, I will
Send you back a sentence but
You’ll have to wait until

I get a breather ‘cause I am
So damn busy right now
I barely have the time to wipe
A bead of sweat from brow

If there was in fact a bead
There isn’t, but I feel
Like there is because I’m working
So hard on this deal

I’ll get to everything later
Because at the moment
I’m too busy prioritizing
How my time is spent

Later because I don’t see
That now is the best time
‘Cause I don’t see the more I wait
The harder is the climb

Because I do not recognize
The ideal time to act
Is right away and more I wait
The more things will distract

So give me just a couple days
By then, it will not matter
You won’t care anymore and I
Won’t have the time to chatter

Works out perfectly for both
If it’s put off for later
Well, at least it does for me
If I make you the waiter

But did you get that note *I* sent
It’s crucial we commune!
I need an answer right away
So get back to me soon



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