4 Aug


Bigot’s such an ugly word
We know what it describes
A person who has hatred and
Intolerance for tribes

Of people who are different than
The ones in their own club
Anyone who’s unlike a
Bigot receives a snub

It’s used for those who hate the Blacks
The Jews, the Native folks
Asians, Muslims, Indians
Are the butt of their jokes

And it doesn’t just stop with
One’s nationality
Bigots can hate gays as well
Or those who are artsy

Maybe if the Bigot isn’t
Very tall, they might
Have a problem with whoever
Stands above their height

Or maybe they’re not overweight,
So those with extra pounds
Will feel their wrath based solely on
“You’re different!” as their grounds

Hair or skin or eye color
Where do we draw the line?
When will Bigots realize
That you cannot define

Others as inferior
Because they’re not the same
Who are they to think they have
A license to defame?

Thinking less of a person
That has a different look
Or other way of thinking or
Worships a different Book

Is giving in to Bigotry
And racism and hate
Letting their ego control
Is not a wise man’s trait

Because they think they have no flaws
That everything they are
Is what others should be as well
Whether they’re near or far

If the Bigot would just see
That they are different too
To seven billion people on
This world maybe their view

Would change a bit and they’d accept
That everyone’s unique
Too bad open-mindedness
Is not something they seek

Instead they use their eyes to judge
And arguments to find
Makes you wonder where are all
The Bigots who are blind?


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