R.I.P. Respect

3 Aug

R.I.P. Respect

I have a friend who is now gone
Buried long ago
That I still pay tribute to
‘Cause I can’t let it go

I should move on and stop thinking
About what he entailed
Forget about the influence
He tried to make and failed

I don’t remember the exact
Date he passed away
There was no ceremony or
A prearranged bouquet

And despite the little change
That his presence did make
It doesn’t stop the ones who saw
From missing him with ache

The one I speak of had on me
A long-lasting effect
The dearly departed went by
The simple name, “Respect”

As years go by, I miss how he
Would honor and relate
Jealousy was not something
Respect had as a trait

Nor was ego, he would never
Put himself ahead
Of any other person, he’d
Give of himself instead

Respect stood up to greet you and
Would come to shake your hand
You’d never catch him glancing and
Giving you a bland

“Sup?” and showing no interest
No passion, no rapport
He didn’t make you feel like you
Were just another bore

Respect would keep his word to you
And keep it right away
He knew the things you do were more
Vital than things you say

Respect did not need explanation
When you had failed him
He gave benefit of the doubt
Instead of thinking grim

And most of all, he wasn’t lazy
Respect was pure effort
Never missed the chance to help
Or defend or assert

He’s dead and buried, killed by men
Who think just of themselves
Of their own prizes that they can
Stack up upon their shelves

I still pay tribute to my friend
When others I do meet
By treating them just how I think
Respect would always treat

With full attention, courtesy
And honor and regard
Although his body’s been long cold
His influence dies hard


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