Modern Day Warriors

14 Jul

Modern Day Warriors

Some years ago I watched a film
Starring Nick Nolte
In this film, “I am a warrior!”
Was old Nick’s decree

It made me laugh ‘cause in this film
Nick didn’t play a knight
He didn’t brandish sword and shield
And hordes he did not fight

He wore a shirt with blue collar
And owned a gas station
Pumping gas was not a warrior’s
Chosen vocation!

But as he spoke throughout the tale
I soon did come to find
That Nick’s boast was not that absurd
Instead, it was my mind

My notions which were pre-conceived
Had closed my mind too much
Nick’s lessons of courage and strength
Began to deeply touch

Calmness and a heart of peace
Along with warrior’s spirit
I realized my image of
Old knights no longer fit

The tale taught me to look deeper
Than what is on the surface
There’s more to warriors than steel
Armor in which they’d dress

More than just what year it is
They’ve lived past Gothic times
Long after feudal Japan
And classic poets rhymes

I saw a warrior pushing her
Baby in a small carriage
While holding many groceries
Not once did she disparage

Another warrior plays a song
On his beat up guitar
Just as happy on the street
As if he played a bar

A warrior pumps some gas into
A car on a hot day
He swelters but still smiles and waves
As patron drives away

A warrior turns his siren on
And flashes police lights
He’s off to risk himself again
Not unlike olden knights

An old warrior lies in his bed
With IV tubes plugged in
Despite his pain and little time
He manages a grin

Because his grandson holds his hand
And starts to cry for him
“It’s okay,” he says with strength
Even as his lights dim

Our pre-conceived notions must be
Identified and quelled
Silly stereotypes blind us
From values still upheld

Warriors and samurai
And paladin’s still walk
Among us even though they don’t
Wear chainmail on their frock

Next time you see a busker
Or single mom with child
Or someone with a dreary job
That still waved and then smiled

Will see you the warriors
That live in modern day?
Or is that just a knight in search
Of fierce dragons to slay?



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