Are You a Christian?

5 Jul

Are You a Christian?

This past Sunday morn
My little Christian Tribe
Was paid a visit by
A reverend and a scribe

Tony Campolo
Got on a plane and flew
And said a few things that
Have really changed my view

But one thing that he said
Has echoed in my mind
A question people ask
And the answer we’ve defined

The question’s “Are you Christian?”
And when someone asks me
“Yes, I am His servant”
Is the answer I decree

But Tony had another
Response to this old question
He leaves it up to you
The asker’s own discretion

“Only you can say”
He says with a slight smile
“Do I convey the message?
Do I walk the extra mile?

Do I turn the other cheek?
Do I give all of myself?
Do I treat all men as equals?
Am I not concerned with wealth?

Do I not just preach of love
And patience and virtue
But put it into action
And follow it through?”

Just as beauty’s in the eye
Of any who behold
“Christian’s” not something
That is because it’s told

Only those who ask
Can answer that as well
No need for explaining
No need to impel

Do I convey the spirit
Of Jesus, Son of God?
Or is the cross I wear
Merely a facade?

Is everything I do
Influenced by Him?
Do I convey His strength
Whenever times are grim?

Do I employ His patience
Whenever there are those
Who only cause frustration
And argue and oppose?

Do I have a loving heart
For everyone I meet?
Do I show thoughtfulness
To all those that I greet?

“Only you can say”
Will now my answer be
And try to live the answer
That I want them to see



2 Responses to “Are You a Christian?”

  1. Danny Nettleton July 7, 2011 at 10:43 am #

    Love Tony Campolo! Thank you for posting this inspiring thought.

    • miropoetry July 7, 2011 at 11:43 am #

      Thanks for reading, and commenting as well. Glad you enjoyed it! Many more Campolo-inspired poems to come, I’m sure. 🙂

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