All About The Money

28 Jun

All About The Money

“How much money do you make?”
Is something that most ask
Whenever they find out what I
Have chosen as my task

They think that glitz and glamour follows
All of those who choose
To make movies instead of simply
Watch while drinking booze

“I bet you make some decent coin”
A lot of people say
Despite the ragged flannel shirt
And worn jeans I display

I do not wear Armani suits
And own no Hugo Boss
The only gold that I have on
Is wedding ring and cross

And a bracelet given by
My loving mom and dad
Given gold’s the only kind
That I have ever had

I don’t drive an exotic car
And don’t do that much travel
Guess I’m too busy grinding
My feet against the gravel

Despite my worn out ragged shoes
I purchased from Walmart
People seem to think there’s fortune
In creating art

I try to talk about the thrill
I get from telling tales
But most people just want to talk
About the side of sales

“What did you pull in last year?”
They say with a straight face
I smile and respond by simply
Saying, “Just some grace

And joy because I love to make
A difference in one’s day
To entertain or to inspire,
I consider pay”

True, it doesn’t pay the bills
But that’s what jobs are for
Roll your sleeves and make your wage
With work that’s sure to bore

But when I’m talking of my life
Of movies and TV
That’s different than talking about
Work in a factory

It’s not about your benefits
Or shift clock that you punch
It’s not about your coffee break
Or what you had for lunch

It’s not about how much you clear
How much is in your bank
The next time someone asks me that
I’ll have to be quite frank

I couldn’t care if I don’t make
Another dime at this
Money isn’t what I base
Success on or my bliss

I’ll do grunt work to pay for food
And keep the power on
And with that power I’ll be sure
To make my ideas spawn

People need to realize
How much that they can quest
You don’t just have to work your job
And then go home and rest

When all is said and done will you
Have put to use your skills?
Did you instill a sense of hope
Or just save up some bills?

Did you give two cents worth of heart
And try to bring a smile?
Or did you just throw those two coins
Onto your growing pile?



2 Responses to “All About The Money”

  1. Eleanor October 17, 2011 at 7:54 am #

    Really like this poem. Thanks for sharing.

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