25 Jun


There’s a man who’s boss of many
The head of all the grunts
He has to deal with grievances
From many different fronts

The problem is he’s not the top
Official at his firm
The ones above him pull his strings
And make this puppet squirm

I see him hunch and droop his head
And not make eye contact
Strikes me as a man who’s had
His integrity cracked

I used to think him cowardly
And without a spine
When the higher ups compelled
To lie, he would incline

But now I see him differently
Although he’s still a coward
I can’t help think that he was once
Sincere before he soured

I think that way because he doesn’t
Strike me as a snake
There’s remnants of nobility
He just can’t seem to shake

He doesn’t talk from both sides of
His mouth and doesn’t swell
Whenever he is peddling
The tripe his honchos sell

When I look closer, now I see
He knows what he’s become
A puppet dangled on its strings
Who’s conscience has gone numb

Now, I don’t know why this man chose
The path that he has taken
Maybe something in his life
Has left him weak and shaken

Maybe he has family
And has those mouths to feed
Something tells me that it wasn’t
Chosen out of greed

But even still, when you don’t stand
Against something that’s wrong
When you quake in selfish fear
Your honor won’t last long

Every person that we come
Across has something to
Instill in us; experience,
And wisdom to imbue

I look at this pathetic man
And don’t feel an outrage
That he sits by and worries of
Himself and his own wage

And I don’t feel sympathy for
The shell that he now is
His honor could have been saved if
He just got out the biz

Or stood against the ones that only
Care about the buck
But he let them tie strings to him
And now this puppet’s stuck

I feel a swell of pride come up
When I remember that
Every time they tried with me
I just denied them flat

“Wrong is wrong” I said to them
And severed every string
And in the end, was vindicated
(Although I felt time’s sting)

But over time my legs have strengthened
Standing on my own
While puppet’s muscles atrophy
And whither to the bone

The puppet dangles on his line
A warning to us all
Better stand for your own code
Than for their strings befall



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