One of Grace

19 Jun

One of Grace

Seven years ago I put on a tux
And climbed in a limousine
I thought about how most guys would be nervous
But all I felt was so serene

No beads of sweat formed upon my forehead
And hands did not jitter and shake
My calmness was pure because in shortcuts
Like booze and drugs I don’t partake

The reason that I was not nervous that day
Was because that I already knew
For three years before I had put on that tux
That this day was one that I’d pursue

I knew when I saw her first walk through her door
And first saw those gorgeous green eyes
Done up chestnut hair and her gentle, soft smile
And so tall much to my surprise

“You’re gorgeous!” I blurted without even thinking
She smiled with genuine grace
The same way I think that I smiled at her
And I knew that I would not have to chase

Or convince or win over this beautiful girl
It truly was love at first sight
We just fit together like puzzle pieces
Nothing had felt quite this right

Her name was Luana, it meant “One of Grace”
And have that she did in all ways
Her movement, her voice, her patience and class
Never once ceased to amaze

I bought her red roses and a ring filled with diamonds
And bended down onto one knee
I asked her a question and she smiled with grace
And responded “I will” with much glee

As I walked in the church and greeted our guests
I still never felt any fear
“You’re so calm!” they said as the time counted down
The ceremony was now very near

I think it’s because I had already known
That I’d love her ‘till my dying day
I still felt no fear as she walked down the isle
Holding her lovely bouquet

“You’re gorgeous!” I thought once again in my head
As she gracefully glided toward
We placed rings on our fingers and declared our devotion
In front of our friends and the Lord

With her in my life, a lesson I’ve learned
Is that fear can be quelled with one trait
The jitters, the shakes will all vanish because
Of the resolve that grace does create

Seven years later I still feel serene
The same as I did in that church
I feel very blessed and fortunate that
For my grace I no longer must search

                                     For Luana
                                                                        on our 7 year wedding anniversary


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