3 Jun


A gift was given unto me
A surprise so very nice
From an artist, name of Kathleen Ann
Who lives in Paradise

This Californian artisan
Has quite the giving heart
Her passion and her selfless manner
Are what drives her art

Now if I may be proud for just
A second, may I say
I’ve always wanted a portrait
To have up on display

Not a photo taken with
A camera and flash
A hand drawn picture, but too bad
I haven’t had the cash

Someone may have offered once
But never got around
And since it’s egotistical
I didn’t want to hound

But then one day an artist saw
A photograph of mine
And with her colors and her tools
A portrait she’d entwine

She didn’t ask for anything
You see, she likes to draw
She thought that it would be some fun
To sketch my rugged jaw

And so she went to work and then
Before the day was done
Before I had expected it
My portrait had been spun

Serene and happy’s how she said
I came across to her
Wise as well, though some will likely
Scoff at that, I’m sure

Vivid blue surrounding all
Reminds me of the tropic
The passion and the work involved
The details, microscopic

You can’t produce a piece like this
Unless you really care
The time it took is evident
In each each stroke of my hair

Immortalized in eight by ten
My visage now will be
Thanks, Kathleen, I hope you know
Just what it means to me

                                for Kathleen Ann Staley


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