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All About The Money

28 Jun

All About The Money

“How much money do you make?”
Is something that most ask
Whenever they find out what I
Have chosen as my task

They think that glitz and glamour follows
All of those who choose
To make movies instead of simply
Watch while drinking booze

“I bet you make some decent coin”
A lot of people say
Despite the ragged flannel shirt
And worn jeans I display

I do not wear Armani suits
And own no Hugo Boss
The only gold that I have on
Is wedding ring and cross

And a bracelet given by
My loving mom and dad
Given gold’s the only kind
That I have ever had

I don’t drive an exotic car
And don’t do that much travel
Guess I’m too busy grinding
My feet against the gravel

Despite my worn out ragged shoes
I purchased from Walmart
People seem to think there’s fortune
In creating art

I try to talk about the thrill
I get from telling tales
But most people just want to talk
About the side of sales

“What did you pull in last year?”
They say with a straight face
I smile and respond by simply
Saying, “Just some grace

And joy because I love to make
A difference in one’s day
To entertain or to inspire,
I consider pay”

True, it doesn’t pay the bills
But that’s what jobs are for
Roll your sleeves and make your wage
With work that’s sure to bore

But when I’m talking of my life
Of movies and TV
That’s different than talking about
Work in a factory

It’s not about your benefits
Or shift clock that you punch
It’s not about your coffee break
Or what you had for lunch

It’s not about how much you clear
How much is in your bank
The next time someone asks me that
I’ll have to be quite frank

I couldn’t care if I don’t make
Another dime at this
Money isn’t what I base
Success on or my bliss

I’ll do grunt work to pay for food
And keep the power on
And with that power I’ll be sure
To make my ideas spawn

People need to realize
How much that they can quest
You don’t just have to work your job
And then go home and rest

When all is said and done will you
Have put to use your skills?
Did you instill a sense of hope
Or just save up some bills?

Did you give two cents worth of heart
And try to bring a smile?
Or did you just throw those two coins
Onto your growing pile?


The Egotist

27 Jun

The Egotist

There once was a person who took
Themselves too seriously
Their uptight behaviour was wrought
In the name of being artsy

Their work focused all on themselves
On their torment and strife and their woes
A message of darkness and dread
Is what all of their work did propose

Hours and hours of thought
Put into the things that offended
But missing a final redemption
No mention of things that were splendid

No mission of nourishing hope
Through color or sculpture or prose
No mention of beautiful coda
Only the difficult throes

Spreading their ache to whoever
Would bother to listen to them
Maybe those few hoped to find
An inspirational gem

But all that they found were the cries
Of a tortured and tormented soul
Nothing to invigorate
Or empower, stir or console

A few may have felt just the same
And wallowed along with the scribe
Creating a miserable horde
Of people who only subscribe

To the idea that everything’s hopeless
The practice of self-pitying
Never wanting to move forward
To the past is to what they’d all cling

And then there are those who will say
“This kind of thing isn’t for me”
They balk at the darkness and dread
And from then on whenever they see

Some kind of artistic endeavor
They think back to how that last piece
Did nothing to make their enjoyment
Of life on this planet increase

Egotists just want reaction
“You can’t only have joyful views!”
But if it’s destruction you want
I’d recommend watching the news

It’s there every night on TV
Right there in your own living room
Murders and wars and disasters
The everyday six o’clock gloom

Artists do have the rare privilege
Of controlling moods they incite
Why would an artist depress
When instead they could help ignite?

The spirit of hope within someone
To give them the strength to push on
To be a supportive companion
When they feel that all hope is gone

Artists, take heed of this warning
Be mindful what message you send
Within your artwork or your writings
You may be creating a trend

Of work that does no good for others
Or you may be creating a stigma
That art is depressing and weird
In your journey to be an enigma

I hear so many folks say
They’re surprised that my writing has soul
That there’s wisdom and courage within
And that inspiration’s my goal

Surprised, because of how much
Negative work they’ve all seen
So don’t be a part of the problem
Be a part of the vaccine

Don’t be an Egotist
And focus just on your own plight
Be an Artist and use
Your talents to awaken might



26 Jun


There is an infection spreading
Across our world today
This virus is picked up and passed
Though certain things we say

It’s caught from pessimistic folks
Who only bitch and whine
The ones who don’t see the bright side
Instead just see decline

Once the bug is passed to you
It’s tempting to bitch back
About the things wrong with the world
And all the things you lack

And spread it on to other folks
Who haven’t been exposed
Turn them into whiners too
When once they were composed

Populate the landscape with
Your negativity
Tainting and infecting all
Of those who don’t agree

Although there isn’t any way
To stop from catching it
There is a treatment that is sure
To make this bug remit

Instead of nodding in agreement
And saying “Yes, it’s bad”
Administer the vaccine of
Responding with “I’m glad”

Say the things you’re grateful for
And not just focusing
On the things that bother you
No, take the chance to sing

About how you’ve been blessed in life
Because if you’re alive
You have a lot more than those who
Weren’t able to survive

The only way to vaccinate
The virus of complaining
Is not with pills or shots but by
A good outlook maintaining

Don’t nitpick over little things
When so much is still good
Appreciate all that you have
Instead of what you should

Don’t spread the virus, spread the cure
By having gratitude
Being positive and having
The right attitude



25 Jun


There’s a man who’s boss of many
The head of all the grunts
He has to deal with grievances
From many different fronts

The problem is he’s not the top
Official at his firm
The ones above him pull his strings
And make this puppet squirm

I see him hunch and droop his head
And not make eye contact
Strikes me as a man who’s had
His integrity cracked

I used to think him cowardly
And without a spine
When the higher ups compelled
To lie, he would incline

But now I see him differently
Although he’s still a coward
I can’t help think that he was once
Sincere before he soured

I think that way because he doesn’t
Strike me as a snake
There’s remnants of nobility
He just can’t seem to shake

He doesn’t talk from both sides of
His mouth and doesn’t swell
Whenever he is peddling
The tripe his honchos sell

When I look closer, now I see
He knows what he’s become
A puppet dangled on its strings
Who’s conscience has gone numb

Now, I don’t know why this man chose
The path that he has taken
Maybe something in his life
Has left him weak and shaken

Maybe he has family
And has those mouths to feed
Something tells me that it wasn’t
Chosen out of greed

But even still, when you don’t stand
Against something that’s wrong
When you quake in selfish fear
Your honor won’t last long

Every person that we come
Across has something to
Instill in us; experience,
And wisdom to imbue

I look at this pathetic man
And don’t feel an outrage
That he sits by and worries of
Himself and his own wage

And I don’t feel sympathy for
The shell that he now is
His honor could have been saved if
He just got out the biz

Or stood against the ones that only
Care about the buck
But he let them tie strings to him
And now this puppet’s stuck

I feel a swell of pride come up
When I remember that
Every time they tried with me
I just denied them flat

“Wrong is wrong” I said to them
And severed every string
And in the end, was vindicated
(Although I felt time’s sting)

But over time my legs have strengthened
Standing on my own
While puppet’s muscles atrophy
And whither to the bone

The puppet dangles on his line
A warning to us all
Better stand for your own code
Than for their strings befall


Potential vs Potency

24 Jun

Potential vs Potency

Potential is what’s possible
The things you may achieve
But it takes more than wishful thoughts
And saying you believe

There is a difference between having
A great deal of potential
And being potent and that thing
Is utterly essential

The key component to unlocking
The door of potency
Is how much gumption you have got
And if you are gutsy

Having talent does no good
If all you do is wait
And sit and hope that someone will
Discover you are great

There comes a point when one must tell
Themselves the brutal truth
Potential is a good excuse
For those who still have youth

But if the years are passing by
And talent’s still implied
Don’t you think it’s time you got
Up off the couch and tried?

Potency is when potential
Is put into motion
Possibility’s replaced
With hard work and devotion

No more plans of what you’ll do
And no more boastful talk
Ceasing with the aspirations
Then walking the walk

And doing what you’ve always had
The potential to do
Talking a big game but also
Following it through

Don’t just sit and wait for your
Big break to come about
The world is filled with people who
Have talent and just pout

That nothing ever comes their way
That opportunity
Never knocks at their front door
And they cannot foresee

That it never will arrive
That they must get up first
That success won’t come about
Unless it is coerced

With effort and with discipline
With courage and resolve
Only then can potential
To potency evolve



23 Jun


I have a brother
I’m grateful to say
A friend in life
As I make my way

A man who’ll stand up
For me and my cause
Even if it goes
Against his own laws

A warrior who’ll fight
Beside me in war
A poet who’ll join me
To watch eagles soar

A boy who watched
As I took my first steps
A steadying hand
As I sunk to the depths

Giving me strength
To burst from the dark
Watching on proudly
As I drew light from stark

But the thing I’m most grateful
That my brother made me
Was a brother to him
I’m a brother, you see

I’m courageous and strong
For my own flesh and blood
I’m the steel in the fire
The Ark in the flood

I’m a brother to him
And that gives me might
To know when he needs me
I’ll do what is right

Regardless of what
We both think or say
One thing’s in common
There will come a day

When we’ll both be withered
And crippled and grey
And one of us soon
Will outlive our stay

Eyes will close
For the final time
And the spirit will rise
With the bell’s chime

But as the soul leaves the flesh
As the onlookers cry
One will still know
As he looks to the sky

That not death or the devil
Or the eternal plain
Can break a brotherhood
As the one we have lain

We’ll wait a few years
And then reunite
And be brothers again
In God’s eternal light

                   Happy Birthday, Bro
                             From Miro


23 Jun


I’d like to talk a bit about
The compliment today
The act of praise or admiration
To others we display

Specifically I’d like to delve
Into tepid acclaim
The kind of kudo that comes off
As shallow or just lame

I’ve never been one to hold back
When something grabs my eye
If something is phenomenal
I won’t try to deny

That the one who fashioned it
Does have a lot of talent
I’m not shy about giving praise
In fact I am quite gallant

The reason for my willingness
To compliment with vigor
Is because I’ve noticed most
Applause could be quite bigger

I’ve seen great things called “Pretty good”
And awesome called okay
I’ve seen creatives pour their heart
While no one gave a hay

I’ve seen musicians play with passion
In front of a small crowd
Who ignore the talent by
Conversing very loud

Clap whenever the musician
Finishes their tune
Then go back to yammering
While singer tries to croon

I’ve seen directors make their films
With message and with heart
Only to have know-it-alls
Go tear the flick apart

Miss the sweat and tears and blood
That went into the tale
And only nitpick over where
The lights and sound did fail

I’ve seen artists design an opus
With pastel and paint
Only to have people glance
And quickly and say, “How quaint”

I don’t make creative works
For something in return
Compliments are no longer
A thing for which I yearn

I think it’s because most of them
Just fell too short for me
One too many people who
Chose to subdue their glee

But for those who haven’t yet
Starved from the lack of zeal
I think it’s important to let
Them know just how we feel

So next time you think “Pretty good”
Please ask yourself one thing
Are you holding back because
Your ego just might sting?

Is it hard for you to grant
That someone else is great?
Does complimenting other folks
Make your own pride deflate?

Or maybe it’s a sign that you
Simply don’t give a care
“Not bad” is a great way to
Make everyone aware

That you have not taken the time
To hear the message sent
So take a moment and convey
Through hearty compliment


Hi, I Need Something

22 Jun

Hi, I Need Something

Ever had a friend
Who hasn’t been around?
Who’s let the months pass by
Without making a sound?

They haven’t come to ring your door
They haven’t sent a text
They’re waiting for the right occasion
When to meet up next

“Hello, old friend” they finally say
“Oh my, it’s been a while!
How have things been all this time?”
They ask you with a smile

They’ll nod and make with the chit chat
Before they tell the reason
Of why the silence between you two
Won’t last another season

“I need a favour” is the cause
Of so many friends
Picking up the phone to call
The old means to their ends

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t
Depend on friends for aid
To ask for help is something that
You shouldn’t be afraid

But if that’s all you seem to do
If use is the sole link
Then the name of your friendship
Is something to rethink

Maybe it’s a work arrangement
Maybe it’s a task
It’s certainly not a friendship
If all you do is ask

People are so used to this
When I call a cohort
The first thing that they ask is what
Favour I will extort

“Not a thing” I say with truth
“Just called to say hello
It’s been a while since last we spoke
And wanted you to know

I care about my friends in life
And don’t just call to ask
For a favour whenever
I must complete a task”

So next time something comes about
And you know just the guy
Or girl who would be perfect to
Make your dilemma fly

Take a sec to think about
The last time that you spoke
Did you call them just to ask
A favour to evoke?

If that’s the case I’d recommend
That friendship you revise
Into the role of work arrangement
And forgo the guise

‘Cause friendship isn’t just about
Befriending when in need
Someone who just wants your favours
Is no friend indeed


Light in the Darkness

21 Jun

Light in the Darkness

I hear a lot of folks complain
Of darkness in the world
How negative things have become
And hate that has unfurled

I see them fold their arms across
Their chest and just bemoan
Never doing anything
To change the world’s dark tone

“It’s hopeless!” they often declare
“What difference can I make?”
And that, my friends, is what is wrong
With folks who bellyache

They cannot fathom how one light
One tiny little flame
When lit up in pitch black rooms
Can so much darkness tame

There was a man two thousand years
Ago who was a light
And headlong did He walk into
The darkness of the night

He did not whine about how bad
That people treated Him
He didn’t sit and fold His arms
And let His candle dim

His name was Jesus and He was
The light in the darkness
No matter how much it enveloped
His light would not suppress

He taught people to not just hide
Away from all the gloom
But to enter into the
Most dark and somber room

To take their hope and faith and light
Into the darkest place
And let that light act as a torch
Illuminating grace

Casting out shadows of doubt
And silencing man’s greed
Acting as a beacon of
The hope that we all need

You cannot just sit by and wait
For your way to be lit
Your path can be made clear by light
That you yourself emit

You may work at a dreary job
With melancholy peers
But it will make no difference
If you go change careers

No matter where you choose to be
There will always be those
Who are the darkness in the room
And cast on you their woes

There may be some within your tribe
Who grumble and dissent
But in optimism’s light
Their darkness will relent

So don’t snuff out your flame of hope
And say it’s all for naught
Follow the shining example
That the Saviour taught

Go headlong into the night
And cast your brilliant glow
Just as the great King of Kings
Did all those years ago

Your light may not burn quite as long
As you may hope it to
But the flash left on their eyes
Will always imbue

And inspire others to
Spread their light to the dark
Sometimes all you need to see
Is just a little spark


Warrior’s Prayer

20 Jun

Warrior’s Prayer

The common routine
When one goes to pray
Is to get down on knees
And in one spot stay

Clasp hands together
Keep eyes closed tight
In an attempt
To not see the plight

That may work just fine
If you wish to give praise
But most don’t give prayer
Until darkest days

And when the storm comes
I’ve found it works best
To not just curl up
And beg to be blessed

And that’s a main problem
With people who follow
If you beg for a break
Then your prayers are just hollow

The point’s not to live
The easiest life
It’s to build up the strength
To endure the strife

When hardships befall
Don’t beg for an end
Get up while you pray
For the strength to transcend

Open your eyes
As you ask for resolve
And accept that motion
Is the key to evolve

Although this concept
To a few may appall
A prayer on your knees
Will do no good at all

It’s been my experience
When times are their worst
The best start to prayer
Is to get up first

One foot then the other
Keep myself moving
To God above
And to myself proving

I’m not looking for lenience
I’m not begging for pity
I know parts of life
Are not going to be pretty

I pray to the Father
For strength added on
To what’s already in me
To my own employed brawn

Upgrade my power
And my fortitude, raise
Enhance my patience
Amid all the craze

In the book of Isaiah
Forty-one: ten
“I will strengthen and help you”
The Lord said, amen

But strength will not do you
Much good at all
If you’re hidden away
Curled up in a ball

The warrior’s way
Is to charge with no fear
And the warrior’s prayer
Is made in high gear