28 May


The curse turned out to be
A blessing in disguise
The debt that wouldn’t settle
Turned out to be a prize

“Why me?” I’d always ask
To my Father up above
“Is this your wrath for my wrongdoings?
Don’t I deserve your love?”

Hurts kept piling up
Things kept going wrong
“A Modern Day Job”
Became my new theme song

Angry, I became
A lion fierce and fuming
A night that wouldn’t end
A dark conclusion looming

“No,” I’d catch myself
“There has to be a plan
An intricate scenario
Beyond this simple man”

“God is in control”
Became my daily prayer
I refused to beg for mercy
Or call His will unfair

Instead I found contentment
In the Bible’s 18th book
The story of much suffering
  A faith that never shook

“I can be that guy”
To myself I would inspire
I’ve worshiped through prosperity
I’ll worship through the dire

God won’t give you anything
That you cannot endure
In overcoming aches and pains
I started to mature

Patience that I’d always wanted
Began to form and grow
A temper that was quick to flare
Was now composed and slow

Not from booze, I’ve never been
The kind to drown my sorrow
And not from pills, the easy fix
That doesn’t last, I know

The patience came from dealing with
My problems right upfront
The courage to meet them face to face
And the nerve to take the brunt

So for the stabbing in my shoulder
And the knuckle in my neck
And all the other anguish
That’s left me quite a wreck

I’m thankful for it all
It’s made me who I am
The blessing turned an angry lion
Into a peaceful lamb


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