27 May


It’s been a few days
Since you passed away
Been trying to find
The  right words to say

Guess it hadn’t hit me
Until just now
Wanted to pay tribute
Just wasn’t sure how

Then I remembered your knack
For making words rhyme
“Space is the place”
Would suddenly chime

And even though most
Called your CD a joke
I admired that it was
From your heart that you spoke

You never did care
What others would think
Your confidence grew
Where others would shrink

Finger in the face
Of all the cynics
Always did it your way
Putting on clinics

Intense as a bull
And quick as a cat
Whether running the ropes
Or swinging a bat

The color, the tassels
The gravelly voice
The big elbow drop
That made fans rejoice

You never held back
You gave it your all
And held on to your dignity
Through the long haul

I admire that you
Stepped from the spotlight
To take care of your family
To do what was right

Even though millions beckoned
And wanted you back
You hung up the colors
Content with just black

Macho you were
From beginning to end
And now it is time
For you to ascend

To the status of Icon
We’ll always recall
How your brand of madness
Would always enthrall

So freak out and dig it
With a finger in the air
Ooohh yeahhh let the Pomp
And Circumstance blare

                         For Randy

Speak up, fellow Warrior!

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