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31 May


On the 31st of May
I’d like to exclaim
“Happy Birthday to
The Man with No Name!”

Clint has always been
A special hero of mine
Always moving forward
Never in recline

It started out with westerns
I’d watch him as a boy
Making deals with Angel Eyes
While Tuco would annoy

Flipping up the poncho
And drawing his revolver
Blowing away outlaws
With his “Sam Colt Problem Solver”

He then traded in his cowboy hat
For a Magnum and a suit
Dirty Harry asked, “Feel lucky, punk?”
Before he went to shoot

The squinty eyes and sneer he’d flash
Indeed did make my day
Harry had no time for courts
And always made punks pay

But shoot ‘em ups were not enough
To keep Clint entertained
He had been taking several notes
From directors who had trained

Siegel and Leone
Had shown him how to weave
A story with more substance
And this he did achieve

In 1992
With his “Unforgiven” tale
About the farmer Munny
And the hell he would unveil

To the Sherriff Little Bill
And the people of his town
For beating him all over
And kicking when he’s down

I felt so proud to watch him
As he look the golden prize
I thought “So nice they honored him
Before ole’ Blondie dies”

But Clint just keeps on going
Not content to rest
And fourteen years afterwards
Again he was the best

For Million Dollar Baby
The story of a girl
Who had a crippling accident
And the pain it would unfurl

You’d think that’d be enough
But Clint just keeps on going
Eighty-one years young
And still no sign of slowing

So thanks for showing all of us
That as long as you don’t sit still
As long as you keep moving forward
You’re never over the hill

                                         Happy Birthday Clint


31 May


There’s a quote about hate
That I’d like to share
You never know, maybe
It will help repair

From the warrior poet
A James Baldwin quote
About the nature of hate
Here’s what he wrote:

(I’ll paraphrase James
To keep up the rhyme
Look up the full quote
When you’ve got the time)

“I imagine,” James writes
“One of the reasons why
People cling to their hates
And won’t let them die

With such stubbornness
Is because that they sense
That once hate is gone
There’s a painful expense”

The hate is a wall
That keeps the pain back
Forgiveness will only
Cause it to crack

And crumble and fall
Expose all the hurt
And with no wall to cling to
You cannot avert

Dealing with issues
Of ego and pride
Having to hear
The opposing side

Meeting half way
When you’re so sure you’re right
Admitting things should have
Gone different that night

Taking the blame
If they need to vent
Biting your tongue
Until they relent

Saying “I’m sorry”
When you’d much rather say
Something more hateful
With venom to spray

But stand there and take it
And deal with the pain
No matter how much
You feel that you wane

Just keep in mind
As you bear to endeavor
The storm will soon pass
No pain lasts forever

And what is left over
Will rejuvenate
Your wounds from the onslaught
From all of the hate

It’s the feeling that you
Chose to mend and repair
Rather than cling
To hate and despair

That you let go your grip
On the hateful blockade
And stand in love’s light
And not in hate’s shade


Son of a Bitch

30 May

Son of a Bitch

Good morning again
You son of a bitch
I say to my body
As I feel the first glitch

Cracking and popping
As I try to upright
Fangs in my shoulder
The four year long bite

I’m 32 years old
Or is it 33?
You lose track of time
When you’re in as much pain as me

I feel twice my age
As I swing my legs out
I remember when they
Were steady and stout

I use momentum
To hurl myself standing
And hope for a soft place
If there’ll soon be a landing

The bed is ideal
Or even the floor
Anywhere but the dresser
Its sharp edges bore

I teeter a bit
Wishing knees would awake
But there’s no time to wait
For the rest of my sake

One foot, then the other
Snap crackle and pop
This son of a bitch
Limps on with a hop

I start to veer left
And outstretch my arm
I push off of a wall
To avoid the fall’s harm

In the bathroom now
Almost home free
More things to grab onto
To steady me

I stare in the mirror
See a tired man’s gaze
Eyes droop with fatigue
As he stares through the haze

He squints his eyes shut
Then opens them wide
He knows what I know
He’s on the same ride

A broken down body
Years before its time
Torn apart for a paycheque
It’s earned every dime

If I had known this would happen
I might have gone slow
Seems to be
What everyone else knows

But that’s just not my style
I’ve never held back
I’d rather go all out
Than sit and do jack

And so every morning
Every day, every night
This son of a bitch
And I have a fight

It does what I want
It gets the job done
I show it no mercy
Since it’s certainly shown none

Black out the pain
The aches and the biting
Never give up
Never stop fighting

Smile so that
No one’s aware
Not that they’d even
Really care

And just shake my head
As those with their health
Piss it away
Neglecting their wealth

“If I had that body,”
I’d think in my head
“You’d never catch me
Oversleeping in bed”

“I’d run with that bitch
I’d jump, I’d cartwheel
And without chronic pain
I’d be able to feel”

But I’m grateful for what
I’ve still got to use
Some people have paid
A lot heavier dues

So I get over myself
Get on with my day
And try to not whine
About the dues I do pay



29 May


Some things may seem
So far out of reach
But unfulfilled dreams
Have something to teach

You can’t fall in darkness
When plans go awry
Nothing good comes
When you just sit and cry

Instead you should hold on
To this timeless aid:
“Best try and fail
Than live life afraid”

Afraid of the critics
Of embarrassment
Afraid that they’ll laugh
Afraid you’ll lament

Afraid of the work
That success demands
Afraid of commitment
That honor commands

Afraid that the ring
Is out of your reach
And attempting to grab it
Will cause you a breach

Know that your fear
Is reducing your span
Ignoring mine’s when
My full reach began

Yes, it may be
A bit hard to believe
But this warrior poet
Has fear up his sleeve

I talk much of courage
And going all out
But that doesn’t mean
There’s no whisper of doubt

The trick is to face it
Confront it head on
It’ll never disperse
It’ll never be gone

It’ll always be whispering
Instilling a doubt
It’s all up to you
How much it gains clout

I’ve found that the more
I’ve said, “Yes, you’re there
I hear what you’re saying
And I still don’t care”

The weaker that voice
Of doubt has become
The more to my courage
That it will succumb

You won’t win every battle
Not all dreams come true
But through every failure
One thing can accrue

The strength to quell fear
With all of your fire
As you extend your full reach
To the tip of the spire



28 May


The curse turned out to be
A blessing in disguise
The debt that wouldn’t settle
Turned out to be a prize

“Why me?” I’d always ask
To my Father up above
“Is this your wrath for my wrongdoings?
Don’t I deserve your love?”

Hurts kept piling up
Things kept going wrong
“A Modern Day Job”
Became my new theme song

Angry, I became
A lion fierce and fuming
A night that wouldn’t end
A dark conclusion looming

“No,” I’d catch myself
“There has to be a plan
An intricate scenario
Beyond this simple man”

“God is in control”
Became my daily prayer
I refused to beg for mercy
Or call His will unfair

Instead I found contentment
In the Bible’s 18th book
The story of much suffering
  A faith that never shook

“I can be that guy”
To myself I would inspire
I’ve worshiped through prosperity
I’ll worship through the dire

God won’t give you anything
That you cannot endure
In overcoming aches and pains
I started to mature

Patience that I’d always wanted
Began to form and grow
A temper that was quick to flare
Was now composed and slow

Not from booze, I’ve never been
The kind to drown my sorrow
And not from pills, the easy fix
That doesn’t last, I know

The patience came from dealing with
My problems right upfront
The courage to meet them face to face
And the nerve to take the brunt

So for the stabbing in my shoulder
And the knuckle in my neck
And all the other anguish
That’s left me quite a wreck

I’m thankful for it all
It’s made me who I am
The blessing turned an angry lion
Into a peaceful lamb



27 May


It’s been a few days
Since you passed away
Been trying to find
The  right words to say

Guess it hadn’t hit me
Until just now
Wanted to pay tribute
Just wasn’t sure how

Then I remembered your knack
For making words rhyme
“Space is the place”
Would suddenly chime

And even though most
Called your CD a joke
I admired that it was
From your heart that you spoke

You never did care
What others would think
Your confidence grew
Where others would shrink

Finger in the face
Of all the cynics
Always did it your way
Putting on clinics

Intense as a bull
And quick as a cat
Whether running the ropes
Or swinging a bat

The color, the tassels
The gravelly voice
The big elbow drop
That made fans rejoice

You never held back
You gave it your all
And held on to your dignity
Through the long haul

I admire that you
Stepped from the spotlight
To take care of your family
To do what was right

Even though millions beckoned
And wanted you back
You hung up the colors
Content with just black

Macho you were
From beginning to end
And now it is time
For you to ascend

To the status of Icon
We’ll always recall
How your brand of madness
Would always enthrall

So freak out and dig it
With a finger in the air
Ooohh yeahhh let the Pomp
And Circumstance blare

                         For Randy

Beautiful Day

26 May

Beautiful Day

It’s a beautiful day
If you just pay attention
And forget all the things
That build up the tension

Even if you have bills
That are three months past due
The sun is still shining
And the skies are still blue

Your co-worker may
Be an arrogant ass
But that doesn’t make
The lake have less bass

You can stew in your office
You can lurch in your cave
Or you can watch healing waters
Wave upon wave

Through all of life’s troubles
The pains and the stress
One thing that I’ve learned
Is that more is less

So I step back and notice
The little things
How the tree softly whispers
How the red robin sings

Try it some time
Grab a bench by a pond
Take a deep breath
You’ll soon feel the bond

It’s amazing the thrill
You’ll get when a fish
Jumps up from the pond
And twists with a splish

The quiet, the peace
It’s all so serene
The sun is so warm
The air is so clean

So get out of the office
Take off that tie
And your shoes while you’re at it
And get under the sky



23 May

The knight fastens his armor
And sheaths his sword
And rides into battle
Against the oncoming horde

Swords and shields clash
And the warrior battles
Till the life leaves his eyes
And the death bell rattles

The Brave smears war paint
Across his stone cheek
Against the enemy’s rifles
His chances are bleak

But he draws back his bow
Fires into the blue
Defends his home land
Till bullets rip through

The Sarge laces his boots
And slaps a clip in
“You wanna live forever?”
He barks with a grin

He bursts on the beach
Unleashes gunfire
Fights till his last breath
Amid the blood and the mire

The father kisses his babies
Then kisses his wife
He’s off to the factory
To make a new life

He works himself ragged
To pay for their food
Till his bones and his sinew
Have all come unglued

The daughter cancels her plans
To be with her mother
Just a night out with friends
There’ll be another

She caresses her forehead
With a cool and wet towel
Mother gives a warm smile
Through the cancer’s cold scowl

These are warriors
Who give of themselves
And not for rewards
To stack upon shelves

They don’t do it for riches
Or glory or laws
They do it for love
That’s the warrior’s cause