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Patrice Evra declares team “killed themselves for the badge” in Chelsea victory

by Alex Browne

Patrice Evra, the former Manchester United left back, was gushing over his former side’s attitude in their 2-1 victory over Chelsea on Wednesday night.

While talking to Amazon Prime Video Sport, the fan favourite also claimed that everybody on the team deserved credit for their effort on the night.

The Frenchman stated, “every player on the pitch today, they were determined. The players who were on the pitch, they killed themselves for the badge and played as a team. I think the star today was the team, it wasn’t just one player even if McTominay was man of the match today, but I saw players determined to win”

The Red Devils put in a much improved display versus the London side. On Saturday night, the team could only muster eight shots in total and one on target in the whole 90 minutes at St James’ Park.

Contrastingly, United roared back into form by attempting 28 shots with nine being on target. It was a much improved display in anyone’s book.

Evra commented on the disappointment of last weekend by stating, “they knew they had to do that after the disaster in Newcastle, and they did so, fair play to them”.

The United legend went on to make a controversial statement by asserting that the Scotsman reminds him “a little bit of Frank Lampard recently”.

McTominay has enjoyed a prolific goalscoring season, with six goals for the Old Trafford side. He has also scored two braces which have been match winning against both Brentford and Chelsea.

The comparison will probably make a bad night even worse for the Chelsea fans travelling back down to London.

The Scotsman has been in red-hot form this season and is the club’s top scorer in all competitions. However, one feels Evra’s comment was a little tongue-in-cheek.

The Frenchman also warned that it will be a challenge for two attackers left on the bench to find their way back into the side.

Evra stated, “I think it will be tough for Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial to come back into the starting eleven”.

Finally, the United legend, clearly in good spirits after the win, joked about the former Manchester City player and Chelsea goalscorer on the night, Cole Palmer. It is quite well known that Palmer is a United fan and Evra responded, “I think he let us down. I need to talk to his parents. I know he grew up as a United fan but he ended up playing for City and scoring against Manchester United. He must not be a real fan”.

Evra always brings entertainment, whether it be biting into raw chicken live on social media or eating the Old Trafford grass. There is another a dull moment with United’s former number three.

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