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David Ornstein confirms that there has been no change in the Jadon Sancho situation

by David Abraham

There has no been development on Jadon Sancho’s exclusion from the Manchester United first team, indicating that relations between the player and Erik ten Hag may have broken down irreparably.

Sancho has had a torrid time since he moved to Old Trafford, with the England star unable to make much impact or justify his hefty price tag.

His best contribution so far has been last season’s six goals and three assists, with the winger taking a break mid season to train away from Old Trafford.

His troubles have reached a peak, following an astonishing open tiff with United manager Erik ten Hag.

The club have since taken disciplinary action against the 23-year-old, effectively banishing him from contact with the first team – even restricting his access to the first team dining facilities.

With United being short on wingers at the moment, Sancho’s absence is a genuine cause of concern but with neither party willing to budge so far, a resolution does not appear imminent.

The Athletic journalist, David Ornstein has confirmed this much, in his Ask Ornstein periodic.

As he put it:

“I’m not aware of any change to his situation and therefore the longer this goes on you suspect the outlook becomes increasingly bleak. The actual issue at stake is as little as one tweet. But obviously it runs much deeper.”

“Sancho deleting the tweet appears to show he knows it breached club rules. Yet the apology that Erik ten Hag wants, to our knowledge, has not arrived.”

Despite the bleak outlook, Ornstein does offer some positives, as apparently talks are ongoing between representatives of United and Sancho.

“The last I heard there was dialogue taking place between the respective parties to find some kind of resolution,” he said.

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