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Isak Hansen-Aaroen advised to leave Manchester United

by Colm Murphy

The personal trainer of Isak Hansen-Aaroen has recently revealed his advice to the young player in an interview on Norwegian podcast JoMos Kosmos.

A close friend of the Hansen-Aaroen family, Jonas Johansen is a fellow Tromso native who is currently the sporting director for Tromso IL’s women’s team after ending his playing career with Tromso IL, the same club Isak Hansen-Aaroen was signed from.

Having recently impressed for the club’s u21s and internationally for Norway’s u21s, fans of United have been clamouring to see Hansen-Aaroen involved under Erik ten Hag but the latest news will leave many disappointed.

Having previously alluded to a disagreement with the club regarding his future, the 19-year-old’s personal coach has now questioned it further by saying, “It might happen that something happens to him this winter, either a loan or a permanent transfer, probably one of the two.”

Johansen recognised the difficult task of breaking through into a side like United adding, “It’s Manchester United, perhaps the most challenging club to break into for a young boy.”

“He has immense trust in feedback from me, and I know he struggles to accept feedback from others. He understands I’m trying to influence him in the best way possible. It’s not easy for any guy to grow up, move to Manchester during Corona, and be more or less alone.”

The disagreement between Hansen-Aaroen’s camp and the club seems to be whether he will sign a new contract and head out on loan or will depart the club permanently.

In September, The Peoples Person had reported about this conflict. The young midfielder had said, “There was talk of something different, but I don’t want to say too much about it. There was some stuff, but we didn’t quite agree.”

He then ominously added “you will find out in a few months. There is a lot of interest. If we wanted it to be a loan, I know we could go.”

The suggestion that it is not a loan move that the youngster is looking for but rather a permanent move is now compounded with Johansen’s words. “I think one or two loans is what they’re thinking. Then it’s up to Isak and his family to consider if that’s the smartest thing.”

“I would probably advise him to start fresh and find a new club where he’s part of the core, to fight his way in there. We’ll see if they do that.”

Signed over three years ago after making his senior debut for Tromso at just 15, Hansen-Aaroen has delighted youth followers with his silky and creative football but signs are suggesting now that his large following of supporters may not be tantalised by his quick feet in the red of Manchester United for much longer.

Fans of the club can only sit and hope that the club’s management will be able to convince the supremely talented midfielder to quench his thirst for senior football with a loan move for now rather than a complete departure.

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