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The Streaming Video Technology Alliance (SVTA) enables companies across the video ecosystem to work together solving the critical technical challenges of delivering high quality video at scale.

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Technical Documents. Software Code. Ratified by Members. Freely Available.

The SVTA is a not-for-profit technical association which provides a forum for companies in the streaming video industry to collaborate on improving streaming video interoperability. Network operators, service providers (CDNs), vendors, research organizations, and other technical associations collaborate in working groups to define streaming video best practices and specifications which ensure a more consistent end-user experience and promote further adoption of online video. Working group results are published as technical documents made freely available to the industry.


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SVTA Accepts 2021 Tech Emmy

At the 2022 Technical Emmy award show in Las Vegas, NV, Jason Thibeault, Executive Director of the SVTA, accepted the 2021 Technical Emmy award for work contributed by the Open Authentication Technology Committee (OATC) to SCTE-224. The SVTA absorbed the OATC in late 2020 and now maintains a website devoted to the work done by the OATC at https://oatc.svta.org/. Read more about the 2021 Technical Emmy honorees here.

From left to right in the picture, Glenn Reitmeier, founding president of the OATC, and Jason Thibeault, Executive Director of the Streaming Video Technology Alliance.

Note that the Emmy trophy and the term Emmy are registered marks of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

The Alliance Has Changed Its Name

To better help the industry understand our technically-focused mission, the Alliance has amended its name to the Streaming Video Technology Alliance. Our missions and objectives remain the same.

Join the Ecosystem

Over 100 Companies

Join your streaming video industry colleagues and help define the specifications and best practices which will improve the future of streaming video.

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July Member Spotlight

Ruud van der Linden (Founder and CEO)

Why Did We Join?

We joined the SVTA to build our technology in collaboration with the industry, instead of in a vacuum. Working together is the only way to change the future of streaming video and OTT and establishing best practices is an important part of that.

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Working Groups

Addressing challenges across the entire streaming video workflow. Click on an icon to learn more.

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As a technical association, the SVTA’s Working Groups product best practices, specifications, guidelines, and other documents that are ratified by the members and then released to the public.

Featured Document

(DRAFT) OTT Streaming Security Checklist

This working group has written two papers, “Securing Video Streaming” and “Securing Video Player” where both papers provide examples of vulnerabilities and best practices to address them. While those papers … (DRAFT) OTT Streaming Security Checklist Read More »

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As consumer demand rises for online video and more platforms, devices, and experiences enter the market, video streaming continues its rapid trajectory. Through the Alliance, we are able to engage in significant discussions about what this means for the future of our industry and how to best work together to bring optimal viewing experiences to our customers around the globe.
Paramount is excited to join the Streaming Video Alliance and collaborate with its member technology companies, programmers, and distributors to promote standards around video quality of service measurement and improved streaming efficiency that will benefit us all and our audiences.
OTT continues to be a key growth driver and we’re intently focused on delivering high-quality streaming experiences and content to our customers. As a Streaming Video Alliance member, we continue to support the Alliance mission of improved network efficiency, scalability and customer experience.
The Streaming Video Alliance plays a valuable role in evolving an online video ecosystem that is stable, scalable and capable of delivering world-class experiences to consumers. We greatly value the work of the Alliance and its commitment to convening leaders in this space to tackle challenges of global scale.
The biggest movement we see in the CDN market is exponential growth in the OTT space. Consumers today are taking control of the viewing experience. They’re deciding what to watch, when to watch it, and they expect it to be delivered at broadcast quality to any device. Working alongside Alliance members to develop best practices and industry standards will help our customers take full advantage of direct-to-consumer services.
The Streaming Video Alliance has become a critical voice in the industry, enabling organizations from across the online video ecosystem, even competitors, to come together and collaborate on architecture, specifications and best practices that allow us to navigate a rapidly evolving landscape. As founding members, Qwilt is wholeheartedly committed to the mission of the Alliance and will continue to contribute to the on-going work.

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