10 May


The Way of the Warrior is all about the 1 in 100. The unique person that stands apart from the crowd. On this Mother’s Day, I send my thoughts, love and positive energy towards the women who are no longer mothers. The people who had to go against the “natural order of things” and bury their own child. One of which is my wife. Let the normals have their one solitary day of cards, chocolates, flowers and Hallmark-reminded appreciation. You are a survivor. You are strong and what doesn’t kill you, only makes you STRONGER. Head up, chest out, keep moving forward.



10 May


There was a woman who decided to give up her hold
On her own heart for something more precious to her than gold

It was more precious than diamonds or any other jewel
It was for diapers, crying and puréed carrots and drool

It was for sickness, broken hearts, drama, uncertainty
It was to be a mother which she was so proud to be

The child knows not how they’ve carried their mother’s heart from birth
And carry it along with them no matter where on Earth

They travel to, no matter how far life takes them away
How nice for Mothers that their hearts come back on Mother’s Day

                                     ~for Mom

Intensity vs Anger

4 May

Let’s talk about the difference between intensity and anger. On Saturday night I went out to a bar to watch the big fight, and witnessed two INTENSE WARRIORS go at it while dozens of ANGRY IDIOTS screamed for blood while watching them.

I’m a big fan of boxing, but not because I like watching men pummel each other. If you look a little closer, just as with everything in life, you’ll see the magic. It doesn’t happen with every fight, but if you get two boxers who train and do the work, you’ll see the science and art that the sport can possess. A “human game of chess” that epitomizes focus, patience, and explosive intensity. That’s what I saw while watching Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao on Saturday. I heard a lot of people call it “boring,” but those same people were sucking down beers like they always do to numb themselves from actually experiencing their fucking lives at the most intense level possible. The speed and power both men showed all the way to the end astounded me. Their conditioning was off the charts. At one point, Floyd caught Manny in the back of the head and Manny ALMOST lost his cool, but you could see the WARRIOR within fight to take control. After only a second or two, he shook his head and you could see him LET IT GO and regain his composure. THAT inspires me. All fighters are trained to control their emotions, because once you lose control in a fight, you lose your focus. And without focus, the battle is already over.

The same couldn’t be said for the FUCKING MORONS around me. Screaming for blood. Screaming for pain. Screaming for bodily harm upon Mayweather. None of them realizing just how easily they had been manipulated by the SHOWMAN Floyd Mayweather. He’s an entertainer, my dears, no different than a villain in a movie or in pro-wrestling. And I can’t fucking believe how many people buy into it. And I can’t believe how violent and angry people can get while watching two men who fought with intensity but no anger, and how pissed off these people got when the fighters hugged to show their appreciation for each other’s effort after the fight. For you religious folk who believe in creation over evolution, I’d suggest going to a boxing or UFC fight at a bar and watch the crowd instead of the screen. The way the vast majority reacts makes a good case that our species isn’t far removed from angry, knuckle-dragging apes. And if we didn’t evolve from apes, we sure as hell are DEVOLVING into them. The only people who seemed to truly appreciate the science of the fight were fighters themselves, one of which I was sitting with. His assessment of the crowd was the same. Lazy, ego controlled, angry idiots who want to make it all about themselves instead of the two men who worked their asses off their whole lives to fight on the grand stage.

Anger and intensity. Not the same thing. It’s ironic how emotional most sports fans are while watching men who more often than not are in complete control of their OWN emotions and tap into their INTENSITY in order to achieve their destiny of greatness. You want to take the first step towards INTENSITY instead of ANGER? It’s pretty easy. Just shut the fuck up. It’s as simple as that. I often talk about kicking your own ass, and this is one of the best ways to put the boots to your own ego. Even if everyone else is screaming, whistling and howling like wild animals, SHUT THE FUCK UP and BE DIFFERENT. Intensity doesn’t mean quietly looking at the ground with your hands in your lap, slouched like a pathetic piece of shit. Intensity is eye contact. Looking right into another person’s soul and not saying a word. FEELING the moment instead of TALKING about it. Just watch what happens when you do that to a screaming buffoon. People with intensity who are in control of their emotions are also in control of the emotions of knuckle-dragging apes as well, and those apes don’t like people who control themselves. You’ll get more of the same that Floyd and Manny got; anger and threats of bloody murder, but they won’t actually DO a damn thing about it other than take another swig of beer.

So what’s it going to be? Are you sick of being controlled by other people and situations yet? Or are you ready to finally start owning your life, your emotions, and your INTENSITY?

Own it,


17 Apr

Sword Body Mind

Plans Change

17 Apr

Things don’t always go as planned but how you deal with it
Reveal a Warrior or whelp, a soldier or a shit
The former is resilient, lets go and adapts to “now”
The latter can’t let go of “what should be” and has a cow

Pain’s Beginning

16 Apr

Desire, Buddha once did warn, is where your pain begins
Desire, brothers and sisters, not lies, mistakes or sins
Desire, simply wanting it is why you feel such weight
Desire is the fountain of your stress and fear and hate
If you could remove your desire and let things fall in place
Accept “what is” is different from “what’s wanted,” you’ll find grace

Returned to Sender

16 Apr


A letter is returned if the receiver won’t accept
So why is it when trouble comes, you choose to get upset?
The trouble, like the letter, may have your name upon it
But it is YOU who accepts what’s inside and throws a fit
Why accept the upsetness? How silly to not choose
To just “Return to Sender” instead of crying your blues


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