The King of Letting Go

20 Apr

“Easter says you can put truth in a grave, but it won’t stay there.”  ~Clarence W. Hall

The King of Letting Go

I am a humble servant of
The King of Letting Go
Every day I try to let
My Monarch’s teachings flow

This King did not possess riches
His life was about loss
My King did not sit on a throne
Instead He had a cross

He wore no fancy crown of gold
Adorned with studded jewels
Instead there was a crown of thorns
Placed on His head by fools

He walked away from His home town
From those who had raised Him
To cast His light in places that
Had grown shady and dim

He let go of the things He had
The things He did possess
He knew the key to happiness
Was knowing you need less

And when the only thing left was
His life, they took that too
He let it go as He explained
“They know not what they do”

I wonder why it’s so hard for
People to let it go
Everyday annoyances
That make our anger grow

But one thing we can’t seem to grasp
And hold on tightly to
Is the lesson this King taught
We just cannot construe

The thought that peace is in our grasp
If we let go, move on
Accept the things we cannot change
Accept what’s gone is gone

I am a humble servant of
The King of Letting Go
I will not be dragged down because
I will no longer tow

I will sever the lines that hold me
To anchoring weight
I will let go of my ego
My selfishness, my hate

Because my King has done the same
And asks no less of me
He’s taught us only when we let
It go can we be free



17 Apr

Courtesty of George Takei’s Facebook Page:


50% of all marriages end in divorce. Where’s the social outcry towards this “sin?” It’s wrong that people who quit trying to love each other get a pass, but gay people who love each other are labelled “sinners” and made to feel like they are abominations in God’s eyes.

Let me enlighten the misguided Christians who have allowed ignorant, fearful imbeciles to take a Bible verse out of context and misinterpret it for them: God has absolutely, positively NO PROBLEM with two people showing love to each other, regardless of what anatomy happens to reside in their underwear. God DOES have a problem with people who promise to love each other in sickness and in health and then quit on each other when times get tough. Those who promise and then quit will reap the whirlwind, regardless of whether they’re gay or not.



16 Apr


The Ultimate War

13 Apr

“KILL THEM! What is not for you is against you. What is against you is your fucking enemy and you need to kill it. Your fears. Your doubts. Your lack of confidence. Your lack of belief in a destiny. A certain, absolute destiny you have to do something unique and great on this planet WHILE YOU ARE HERE. Anything that stands in the way of that…any ‘Mr. Resistance,’ no matter the stature of that motherfucker, you need to KILL HIM.” ~Ultimate Warrior

 The Ultimate War

The Ultimate War

There have been wars that have been fought
By fools who’ve said, “This war cannot
Be topped! It is the greatest war of all!”

Wars for God and wars for soil
Wars for gold and wars for oil
But all of these so called “great wars” are small

Compared to the Ultimate War
The one which needs the loudest roar
The one that does demand the greatest strength

The greatest wisdom, sacrifice
The war which costs the highest price
The war which does drag you the longest length

It is the war that starts at birth
And ends when your soul leaves the Earth
The Ultimate War is the one within

And I have seen that most don’t fight
They do not show an ounce of might
Because they just complain, whine and chagrin

The Ultimate War does oppose
The voice inside that does propose
That you should put it off until later

The voice that says that you will fail
And your effort’s to no avail

Most humans never realize
Within them a parasite lies
That whispers, “Do less! Take the shortcut! Quit!”

That parasite is the ego
Which urges us to say, “I know!”
But not “I DO!” with vigor and true grit

So few declare Ultimate War
For most it’s far too great a chore
They’d rather stay in bed or watch TV

But Castaneda, Tolle, Millman
And Ultimate Warriorman
Have shed their light and now I clearly see

And so I write to amplify
Their light so that you will not cry
So that anxiety and stress and fear

Will fall in battle against YOU
The wisdom, grace and strength that’s TRUE
The tools you have inside to help you steer

Your life towards being fulfilled
 The tools inside to help you build

With when my mind says I cannot
‘Cause this Ultimate War has taught
When I revolt my doubting mind, I’m free



A Warrior’s Definition of Fear

9 Apr


RIP: Rest in Power Utlimate Warrior

9 Apr

Nothing shocks me anymore. It’s part of being “warrior-minded.” I guess it’s fitting that when finally something *did* shock me, or came close, it was another warrior. I’m stunned to learn the passing of one of my most inspiring and beloved mentors, Ultimate Warrior. I’ve posted many of his self-ass-kicking motivational quotes over the years, and to be honest, they usually haven’t received the most overwhelmingly positive reaction. Warrior wasn’t nice. Warrior wasn’t pleasant. Warrior wasn’t warm and cuddly. But despite this, Warrior was my hero. No, not despite. Maybe *because* of these things, he inspired me to not care what the doubters and naysayers thought of me and to instead have the ULTIMATE belief in MYSELF. Saying “I disagree” isn’t a warm, cuddly experience. Sometimes it requires a *snarl* and a pounding of one’s chest. Warriorman taught me that.

I’ll be posting some of my favourite Ultimate Warrior quotes today in honor of the man who ignored the criticism of alcoholics, drug addicts, cowards and lazy people and did battle with the greatest foe known to man: self-doubt, and conquered it in ultimate fashion. Thank you, Warriorman, for exposing Mr. Resistance’s weaknesses.

Respect and love goes out to his wife and daughters.





2 Apr



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